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Erasing The Past

Expungement Erases the Worry of Background Checks

It was Mary Beth’s focal point for more than a year: lounging by the pool by day, staying up late after a great meal and a dinner show and sleeping in as late as her body clock would allow.

After a year of relentless study, research, writing and other intensive preparation for her CPA exam. Mary Beth figured she had earned her “spot in the sun,” as she called it. The trip was both a reward for her hard work and a respite before she anticipated launching a new career with a big accounting firm.

Right before leaving town, Mary Beth sent her resume to a few “choice” firms in town. With any luck, she would hear from at least one of them soon after arriving home from her trip.

It didn’t even take that long. By the time Mary Beth arrived at her hotel, the managing partner of one of the CPA firms left her a voice-mail message. Breathless with excitement, Mary Beth promptly returned the call with the hope of setting up a job interview.
The grim voice of the managing partner dashed all her optimism. There would be no interview because a background check had unearthed a legal discretion from Mary Beth’s past.

“I can explain,” she began to stammer. But the potential employer was in no mood to listen.

“You should know better,” he admonished her.” “What did you think? That we wouldn’t find out?”

This story is a typical example of what we hear in the office. A young professional’s hopes for a great career are shuddered by a youthful indiscretion.

Expungement erases the worry of background checks

The phone call did more than put a pall over Mary Beth’s trip; it made her realize that it would be futile to continue applying for CPA jobs. She would not even receive her license as long as her “one, minor legal infraction in life” remained on her record – plain for everyone to see once they ordered a background check.

Instead of sleeping in the next day, Mary Beth put her research skills to work on whether to have her history sealed or expunged. It was the wake-up call she needed, for when a record is sealed, anyone wishing to access it cannot do so. The record is literally sealed from public view.

An expungement goes a step further. It’s as though the criminal incident did not occur. In Mary Beth’s case, it would allow her to seek the professional license she worked so hard to attain and the ability to work in her chosen field.

In the future, an expungement would free Mary Beth to apply for student loans and credit. And, most important to her, it would liberate her of the fear and embarrassment of background checks conducted by prospective employers.

Let Kate Mesic guide the way

Certain terms, conditions and eligibility requirements exist for both sealing and expunging a criminal history, attorney Kate Mesic can help you obtain the needed result, after she carefully screens your case.

A graduate of the University of Florida, Mrs. Mesic was admitted to the Florida Bar Association in 2007. Originally an assistant state’s attorney, she now finds her greatest satisfaction helping people achieve the careers they always wanted.